Joyal & Allard Funeral Urns

Founded in 2010 by Brigitte Joyal and Frédéric Allard in the beautiful Mont St-Hilaire area. The range of products is intended for owners of funeral homes, import and local artisans. However, if as a particular buyer you wish to purchase one of our funeral articles, we will have to direct you to a funeral home that distributes and we are confident of their skills to sell our jewelry urns and keepsake. We may also contact your funeral home if necessary.

Since the company opening, Brigitte Joyal and Frédéric Allard are constantly offering you an impeccable and personalized service by offering urns, keepsake as well as surgical stainless steel of high quality jewelry. Our products reflect today’s trends, including concern for the environment is at the heart of the concerns of all. We use a wide variety of high quality materials. You will find metal urns, brass, aluminum of a size of 200 cubic inches or more or customized size according to your needs. Our keepsake have heart, urns or jewelry shape.

Our adaptability allows us to meet quickly all new technologies of the funeral world and be at the forefront of community needs.

Perfect style & perfect price

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